Filing for Chapter 7 Protection in Georgia

Filing a bankruptcy action is not a step that people take lightly.  A decision often involves a careful weighing of options and a determination that a person, or couple, needs the economic clean slate that bankruptcy can provide.  Often, a...
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Calculating Child Support with Child Support Worksheets

There are specific ways to calculate child support in Georgia. The Georgia child support calculation was revised in 2007, and the state moved to the “Income Shares Model” for calculation of child support. The Georgia legislative branch created a worksheet...
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The Debtor Education Requirement in Bankruptcy

With few exceptions, all debtors are required to receive credit counseling from an approved agency before they can file for their bankruptcy. Further, debtors cannot receive a discharge unless they also complete a debtor education course (also known as a...
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Do I Need to Hire a Private Investigator?

Private investigators are often hired to assist with family law cases, and they can be very helpful for a variety of reasons. However, more often than not, the evidence they collect is rather circumstantial. How do you know if you...
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Do I Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

You might think that prenuptial agreements are only for very wealthy people. However, anyone with personal assets, business assets, liabilities, property, inheritance or children from a previous marriage should consider entering into a prenuptial agreement. (more…)
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What is a Guardian ad Litem?

A Guardian ad litem (GAL) is a person a court of law appoints to investigate what solutions would be in the best interests of a child. This article discusses the Guardian ad Litem in a divorce or parental rights and...
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Can You File Bankruptcy Twice?

If you are struggling with debt and have previously filed a bankruptcy case, you might wonder if or how long you have to wait before you can file for bankruptcy again. Great news! You can file for bankruptcy as often...
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Can I keep my retirement account if I file bankruptcy?

The good news is that for the most part, your 401(k) and other qualified retirement accounts are protected in bankruptcy. Traditionally, retirement accounts are almost always protected from creditors and are considered “exempt” when a bankruptcy is filed. An “exemption”...
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GA Bankruptcy Laws – Filing Bankruptcy Due To Medical Bills

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy due to medical bills in Georgia you’re not alone. According to NerdWallet Health medical bills are the number one reason why people file bankruptcy across the US. Medical bankruptcy doesn’t just affect people without medical...
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Keep Your Credit Intact and Avoid Bankruptcy By Not Making These Mistakes

Bankruptcy can be a good way to get rid of a lot of credit card debt or medical debt. But it will still have a bad impact on your credit. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia and in other states...
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What is a Reaffirmation Agreement?

A reaffirmation agreement is a contract between a debtor and creditor that waives the discharge of a debt in a pending Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding.  The debt is one that would otherwise be discharged in the bankruptcy.  With a reaffirmation...
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What Happens to My Car in a Georgia Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

To answer this question, we must first explain a secured creditor and a bankruptcy exemption. What is a Secured Creditor? A secured creditor is a creditor that holds collateral for the debt you owe. For example, a creditor that holds...
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