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Roswell Ga Child Support LawyerDivorce usually leads to significant financial adjustments such as determining child support. Once custody is determined, child support is calculated. Generally, each parent is responsible for a percentage of child support based on the percent of earnings he or she earns for the family.

In the state of Georgia, “Child Support Guidelines” were passed that affect any parent receiving or paying child support. The court considers these guidelines but may adjust them based on your situation. You may have complicated child support calculations if:

  • Your custody or visitation plans are out of the ordinary
  • You have a child with special needs
  • You have a child in private school
  • Your child has high medical expenses
  • Your child has high educational expenses
  • You have a high-assets divorce
  • You or your spouse have unreported income or have not been truthful about income
  • You or your spouse has very high or very low assets

Child support in Georgia is calculated using an “income sharing” approach, which considers the income of both parents. This formula takes into account how many children each person has, health care and medical insurance, child care expenses, parenting time, and other factors. Our experienced child support lawyers make it their goal to come to an accurate and fair agreement that aims to protect your family’s financial future.

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Do you need to modify child custody or child support arrangements created during a divorce or a paternity case? The law acknowledges that circumstances change. Learn more about child custody and child support modifications.


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