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Do you need to modify child custody or child support arrangements created during a divorce or paternity case? The law understands that circumstances change. With the help of an experienced modifications attorney, you may be able to make the necessary changes.

More than two decades of experience is available to you when you choose Charlton & Glover, P.C. Our Roswell modifications attorneys can help you with all types of post-judgment actions, including child support and child custody modifications.

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Child Custody Modification

custodyDid you get a new job that will allow you to spend more time at home, time that you would like to spend with your child if possible? Are you worried that the child’s other parent has gotten involved with criminal activity or is abusive to the child? These are some examples of the changes in circumstances that may necessitate a modification of child custody arrangements. We can review your options and help you pursue the needed changes.

Many child custody modifications involve relocation. Perhaps one parent wants to move out of state for employment or family reasons. If that parent wants to take his or her child along, the matter will need to go through the court. Whether you want us to help, or you are the parent who will be left behind and you want to make certain your relationship with your child is protected, you can turn to our North Atlanta modification lawyers.

Child Support Modifications

More often than not, child support modifications are clear-cut. There has been some sort of substantial change in income. Maybe the paying parent got a major pay increase, so child support should be changed to reflect it. Maybe the paying parent lost his or her job, and child support payments need to reflect this, at least temporarily. We will assist with these changes.

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