Here at Charlton & Glover, we’re proud to provide comprehensive and compassionate legal services to families of all kinds, and we know the unique challenges that are often faced by same-sex couples. Our team of experienced family attorneys in Roswell, GA can assist you with any and all of your family law needs, and you can count on us to always treat you with respect. When you need a lawyer that you can trust, to help you navigate the complexities of same-sex legal issues, come to our office. We provide world-class legal counsel and representation in cases involving divorce, adoption, child and spousal support, custody, and more.

Because of the rapidly changing laws around same-sex marriage and adoption, it’s important that you go to an attorney who is up to date on these things. You may have to contend with additional legal requirements that other families may not, and it pays to have a law firm that understands these processes. If you have been searching for an attorney for your same-sex divorce in Roswell, or who can help you grow your family through adoption, Charlton & Glover is the best place to be. We can walk you through all the required paperwork, assist you with reaching agreements, and/or represent you in court if necessary. For everything related to your family’s legal needs, we are happy to be your reliable resource!

We have been practicing family law in Georgia for several decades, and we have seen the demand for same-sex family attorneys in Roswell grow tremendously. Whether you are considering a divorce, need to update your child custody arrangement, are hoping to adopt a child together, or something else, you can rely on us to go the extra mile for you. Reach out to our firm and request a consultation today to get started.


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