Family LawFamily Law

In family law cases, the emotional and the legal become so intertwined it is difficult to separate them. That is why it is important to have an attorney on your side who understands what you are going through and can help you understand the legal side of things, navigating through the process without losing sight of your interests and the needs of your children . . . [learn more]


BankruptcyPeople are often hesitant to file bankruptcy when faced with insurmountable debt. It is important to understand that many of the negatives you may have heard about bankruptcy are actually myths. Bankruptcy was created to help people who cannot realistically overcome their debts on their own. We will help you get the relief bankruptcy was designed to provide . . . [learn more]

Criminal Law

Criminal LawNavigating the legal system without the aid of an experienced attorney can be frustrating, frightening and quite time-consuming, especially when faced with a DUI or other criminal charges. It can be very concerning when your personal liberty and reputation are at stake! We offer personalized and affordable expert legal aide to protect your rights and defend your record and reputation against criminal prosecution . . . [learn more]

Personal Injury

Personal InjuryThe effects that a serious injury can have on people’s lives are difficult to overstate. In addition to the physical and emotional pain and suffering that injury victims often have to deal with, a serious injury may leave an individual with costly medical bills and render work all but impossible . . . [learn more]


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