5 Stars, of course no one WANTS to think about divorce, child custody or other situations you might someday find yourself needing a lawyer for but it is simply a reality for some & it’s always good to be prepared. Charlton & Glover take great care in handling such sensitive matters for the individuals & families that they represent. They are good people. Highly recommended!

Erin Charisse

The best lawyers EVER!!! If you need anything these are the folks to go to for attorneys and lawyers in the roswell and surrounding areas. Professional, knowledge, passionate, and most of all great at what they do.

Brian Sleeth

After coming home from the military, I had financial issues that I had let get out of control. I didn’t know what to do, so I did some research online for legal assistance. Patricia has an awesome reputation in our community, so I scheduled a consult. My first impression was “I am dealing with a real person” I felt like Patricia really wanted to help me. I explained my situation and she was more than happy to help. I was well informed every step of the way and I felt that I could trust her from the beginning. I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone looking for legal assistance give her a call. She truly is a wonderful person and made the best out of my terrible situation. For any issues I may have in the future, Patricia will be my first call.


Personal Injury Attorney
Patricia Charlton did an excellent job on handling my son’s car accident settlement. I would highly recommend this firm.

Mike S.

I had just had probably the worst year financially speaking. I was paying several mortgages, had lost my business and had a massive amount of unexpected health related expenses and credit card bills. I could only see one way out of this mess. I didn’t want to do it but saw no other way to fix the situation. I started learning what I could about filing for bankruptcy on the web and it was pretty clear I needed to get an attorney involved to help me through the process. I looked up a bankruptcy attorney online that my friend referred me to. He had used Charlton & Glover in the past for civil lawsuits. I called them up the next day and got an attorney on board who was fantastic at taking me through what was a pretty hard decision and in the end made it much more bearable. My attorney filed all the paperwork, helped to keep me focused and was available when I had questions. If you’re in a bind and need a Roswell bankruptcy attorney go check these guys out.


Great Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense Attorneys
Martin Charlton & Patricia Glover have done an excellent job representing my friends and family, in bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury and divorce

Mike S.

Charlton & Glover have handled bankruptcy, DUI, divorce, personal injury, and criminal defense cases for me and have done an excellent job



“We take pride in the legal work we do because we know how important it is to our clients, who are also our neighbors in Roswell and the North Atlanta area.”


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